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    8" Pearl Elec. Powered Scarifier, 18 Point Drum with Baldor 5HP, 230V Motor



    • Designed for scarifying, roughening, planing, leveling, smoothing, or creating grooves in concrete surfaces
    • Can be used to remove paint or coatings, and to clean and prepare concrete surfaces prior to coating, re-coating, and floor covering installation
    • Rugged sand casting and heavy gauge steel construction
    • Precision adjustable depth control
    • Engage/disengage lever allows operator to raise and lower the cutter drum without changing depth setting
    • Quick-change drum
    • Drum dimension: (dia.)6" x (l)8"
    • Drum weight 30 lbs. (14kgs.)
    • Dimension: (l)23" x (w)20" x (h)43"
    • Weight: 170 lbs. (77kgs.) not including drum
    • One-year warranty (gas-powered engines are warrantied through original manufacturer).

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