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    Pearl Blade Roller™ for Worm Drive Saws



    "THE ORIGINAL" BLADE ROLLER™ - REMOVABLE ROLLING CARRIAGE FOR WORM DRIVE SAWS. No tools required! Non-marking wheels. Eliminate costly heavy equipment.

    • Increase cutting speed.
    • Make straight cuts.
    • Easily increase control and accuracy.
    • Will fit the following saws: Skil® HD77 & HD77 MAG; Skil® HD5860 (8-1/4"); Makita® Hypoid; Bosch® 1677M.
    • Available in 6-pack point of purchase display.

    USES: CUTTING concrete slab, marble, granite, Wonder Board®, plywood, stucco; MAKING tension relief lines in slab concrete; CREATING access cuts in slab concrete for plumbing and electrical retrofit; SCORING decorative lines in poured slab or ovelays; FABRICATING slab granite and marble countertops, floors, etc.; RIPPING long straight cuts on plywood sheeting; CREATING cutouts in stucco for retro fitting doors and windows.

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