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    Pearl® Floor Scraper



    Floor scraper

    • Sturdy design for removal of carpet, vinyl, adhesives and coatings
    • High stress, 7/8" shaft
    • Walk-behind scraper with adjustable handle height
    • Rear wheels adjust for ideal blade angle
    • Accommodates blade widths up to 12"
    • Labor and time-saving process for residential and light commercial projects
    • Nose weight helps keep blade underneath floor coverings resulting in greater efficiency
    • One-year warranty!

    HORSEPOWER: 1 HP. VOLTAGE: 110V/220V 50/60 Hz. AMPS: 14. DIMENSION: (L)24" x (W)12" x (H)43" (20" without handle). WEIGHT:126 lbs. (57 kgs)

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