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    Pearl® Portable Multi-Purpose Floor Scraper

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    Portable multi-purpose floor scraper. Compact and lightweight, only 26 lbs!

    • Easily maneuvers around tight spaces
    • Removes: carpeting, underpadding, linoleum, vinyl tiles, glue and more!
    • Ideal for new floor covering preparation
    • Easy to handle and transport
    • Can be used on stairs
    • Removable handle (included)
    • Blades included
    • Available with: Vinyl Base Removal Attachment
    • Three-year motor warranty! Six months parts
    • Not available in Canada

    INCLUDED WITH SCRAPER: Instruction manual; Envelope containing the following: (1) Parquetry blade, (1) Holder for parquetry blade, (1) 5" blade, (1) Holder for 5" blade, (1) 9" blade, (1) Holder for 9" blade, (2) Side blades - 1 left x 1 right, and (1) 10mm screwdriver

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