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    TC-1000™ Stainless Steel Carbide Tip Blades

    8 x 5/8 • 54 Teeth



    14 x 1 • 90 Teeth



    Pearl’s Titanium Carbide Tip Metal blades (TC-1000™) are designed to cut a variety of metals with fewer burrs, less dust and reduced material burning than abrasive products. They provide a much longer life than traditional abrasive wheels. The Pearl TC-1000™ blades are engineered with a triple chip design for added durability.

    For Stainless Steel, Iron, Steel and other Ferrous Metals.

    • Titanium carbide for extra long life.
    • Minimal vibration.
    • Triple chip design for added durability.
    • Designed to be used on a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • Cuts clean and cool.
    • Able to be re-sharpened.

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